Getting ready for the New Year

Hello fantasy readers. I’ve been on a blogging hiatus since late September for a variety of reason unrelated to writing, but highly effected it. I updated with some photos, short story, and poetry sections for your enjoyment.

I am hopeful to at least begin Tears soon, and more insightful fantasy blogging. I am also looking forward to author Terry Brooks series on MTV. Lots to talk about this coming year.

Have a safe and happy New Years my fantasy reading friends.

Also, get Dark Moon Shadow at its low price of nearly free before it price normals back to $3.99. Please visit my website’s bookstore for the free and low pay options.



Short Stories

Wow! I feel like its been an eternity since I made my last post after taking all my short stories and novels off-line for upgrades. Upgrades…a soft way of saying they needed a stronger edit. Ehem, I feel and hope that any error has been corrected or at least they are fewer and farther between. As usual life has gotten in the way of my regular twitter following/ posting, and blogging but I am hopeful that in the coming days and month I will be writing again and adding to my collection of stories.

Dark Moon Shadows (my fantasy novel) has been stuck in thought all this time and is dying to get finished. I can’t wait to help this novel reach maturity. My new aim will be for it to be completed by the end of the summer months. Stay tuned as I will be posting my progress. I also look forward to meeting and following new writers and bloggers for whom I will also share links to their pages and writings. This is my way of spreading the word and helping Indie Authors.

Since my favorite podcast and ebook news source The Dragon Page Cover to Cover passed away into airwaves abyss, I will do my best to find and pass along new pearls of wisdom I learn and pick up across the amazing net.

All my short novels sell for $1.50 and have links to them in the bookstore.

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to conversing with you all again very soon.

Happy Reading!

Great writers advice

Many of us writers, beginners, and the ones who hope to be can never get enough advice and professional opinion about our craft. I’ve been seriously writing for only six years and because I didn’t pay great attention in school I struggle with the grammar and spelling side of the art (thank God for editors and the internet.) Over the last several years I discovered a podcast that deals with writing and ebooks that has not only inspired me, but gives great writing tips and instruction. The podcast is called The Dragon Page cover to cover, Here Mike and Mike (not the espn guys) are going through a series from start to finish on composing a novel and converting into an ebook for self publication. Download the podcast and get your learn on!

Another advice book I recently discovered in the form of a PDF download is “Novel Blogging”. I myself am trying to learn how to blog more efficiently so I can entertain as well as keep you all apprised as to how my writing is doing. Liberty Montano is the author of this wealth of information. The cost is a little pricey, but well worth the knowledge in contains. I think it’s a must buy. If you are serious about your writing I suggest you get a copy at .

Well, off for my morning walk and plenty of writing thoughts to drum up!