Setting Writing Goals

Well, the New Year is upon us once again. 2014 will soon be left behind forever and 2015 will take over. For many of us this will bring about a renewal of sorts and cause us to think about how we can improve upon the last year and make better strides in the year to come. For me its writing, and for you it may be something else. Here is a great article on this subject for writers by Dean Wesley Smith. Click here.

As I read Dean’s article I am reminded about how life did get in the way of my writing success this past year and also how human I really am. With each passing day the task of writing doesn’t get any easier, and in most cases requires a greater ounce of discipline to stay on track. Dark Moon Shadow was my first fantasy novel that I released in 2014, and benefited from some sales, but not nearly what I had hoped. I had to experiment with pricing to find where the right response was, and found out, what I already knew really, how hard self marketing is. Being a self publisher is not for the faint of heart! Without the help of professional marketing and the cost that goes with it, it is extremely difficult to stand out amongst the social media noise.  As Dean Wesley and Michael Stackpole preach…nothing says marketing than getting more material out there. Some of the hardest, but best advice. From 2005-2012 I release a bunch of Young Adult and Paranormal short stories in ebook format, and the more I released the more I saw sales trend upward. From 2012- present I’ve only completed Dark Moon Shadow the lack of writing released has proven their point.

So as this Year comes to an end and new one begins, I , like many other writers will set new goals and try to stay on track, hitting our mark. Good luck to all of us writers out there and have a safe and happy New Year!