Fantasy Creatures Part 3

For the final installment of my small tour of fantasy creatures I will talk about a character that seems to find its way into much of fantasy stories, and that is the Troll. Terry Brooks writes Trolls in his stories, in this case the Rock Trolls. Each fantasy writer bends and twists many of the historical definitions of mythical creatures and develops a unique blend to morph into a new take for original work. I do this with Lumdin the Gnome in Dark Moon Shadow. I also do this with my species of Shape Shifters called Eilthemin. Just as great fantasy writers have done in the past. Tolkien did this with Elves, Dwarfs, and so on.
Trolls in the mythical and lore comes from Scandinavia where Trolls are ugly monsters that stand upright and are extremely strong with stumpy legs. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures likens trolls to prehistoric Neanderthals. Scandinavian legend has Trolls as interchangeable with giant and dwarf, they are bloodthirsty, vicious, feasting on human flesh, lone travelers, stupid, greedy, and full of pride. They often like to store treasure in their lairs, guarded by large boulders that only they can move, and sit and stare at it. Sometimes they would take young pretty girls and bring them to their lair and just stare at their beauty. Some legends say the Trolls can’t stand noise and the sounds of church bells or iron smiths would drive them away thus keeping the towns safe.
I kind of like the newer take on Trolls from writers like Terry Brooks. Trolls are powerful warriors that are not loners, but part of a tribal community, and quiet types that are deep thinkers with reason.
This short three part blog series on fantasy creatures was just a taste of how, as a fantasy writer, one can draw upon the well documented myth that cultures past and present have told, and use these developed creatures to create new ones for your stories. Although it is nice to create completely new and never before seen creatures, some of the best have already been created. Best of all they are common knowledge and free to use over and over again. I’ve created some completely new creatures as well as tweaked common ones for Dark Moon Shadow and that worked out great for me. So if you are writing fantasy or thinking of penning your adventure tale don’t be afraid to stretch your mind around some of these classic folklore creatures and bring them to life in your fantasy.
If you haven’t secured your own copy of Dark Moon Shadow yet do so today and become a patron of fantasy art. You won’t regret it.