Fantasy Creatures Part 2

In part 2 of Fantasy Creatures we are going to study an often misunderstood legend:

Once again I am going to plug and refer to The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures for much of my learning that I am passing on to you. Of course who hasn’t heard of a Fairy? So parts of this are from my own understanding.
Beautiful, female, wings, and tiny. Can anyone say Tinkerbell? Sure the fairy is a main part of many fantasy stories and lore, but much more than the Peter Pan’s Tink that many of us grew up understanding a fairy to be.
Able to step back and forth between worlds the Faeries pay many visits to man, but if you are man, be very careful not to enter into their world. For if you do and are lucky enough to return it is believed that you would lose all desire for earthly things and fall into a massive depression resulting in death. Or you might find that but for a moment in their world could result in a chasm of time passing in our own world finding that all your loved ones have already died of old age. Legend has it that one could stumble into a Faeries world by finding a door on the side of a hillside or be lured in by the sweet sound of music.
Faeries are skillful magicians, shape shifters, and healers. They can transport to a distant location instantly with the click of their fingers. Often a fairy will lend their help to man, but do so with caution as not to cross or make one angry because their wrath and revenge can be cruel. For this reason it was good to never mention them by name, but instead refer to them as “The gentle people” or “The good neighbors.”
There are instances of man and fairy joining in marriage, but more times than not the relationship would end in sorrow as the fairy would long for her world and inevitably return.
Lastly, a gift from a fairy was sure to bring you wealth, but never happiness as often there is a price to accepting such a gift and if not adhered to properly would result in dire consequences.
Not quite the image we are used to is it? You can blame the Celts as the Faerie lore is believed to have come from them.
I use an image of a fairy in my book Dark Moon Shadow called an Eilthelmin, a shape shifting bounty hunter. To read more about Eilthelmin secure a copy of Dark Moon Shadow. Part 3 will explore more fantastical fantasy creatures. See you then.