What Fantasy are you reading?

There is no doubt that I love Fantasy. Not Urban or Romance, but Middle Earth type fantasy with magic, dragons, wizards, and fantastical creatures full of imagination and wonder. When life is full of stress, work, bills, and traffic there is nothing better than a time of escape in a book of adventure fantasy. That is why I write fantasy. When Dark Moon Shadow is released many of you will have the opportunity to share in the adventure that spins in my mind. In the mean time, while I am working on my book release, I get lost in the world created by Author Terry Brooks. Terry Brooks is a master story teller, and has been weaving his tale since the 1977 when the first book of the Sword of Shannara Series was released. ImageThe prequel to this book First King of Shannara, is so far, my favorite one. However, his stories are so magical and enjoyable that I keep reading and can hardly wait until the next book in the series. The great thing for me is that I discovered Terry Brooks when he’s written so many books already. I don’t need to wait for the next book of his, I just look for the next one in the series and off I go. Up to date I am half way through the Elfstones of Shannara and what a treat it is. My praise for Mr. Brooks is that he inspires me to write and tell a story that goes beyond the normal and bring an escape to, not only me as I write, but to anyone who is willing to share in the tale. He has often been labeled as the modern Tolkien and I certainly would agree with that. Although Tolkien is a much different writer, it’s in the term of Fantasy that makes the comparison legit. If you have time visit Terry’s website Shannara and get lost in his magical words. Elfstones is also being made into a television series that will be on  MTV of all channels. I won’t hold my breath, or get too excited until they actually air the program. Until then, I recommend giving Terry Brooks a try if you haven’t already. As for me…better late than never. I’m glad I discovered Shannara.



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  1. It’s being made into a television series? I didn’t know that! Thanks for posting 😀

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