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How do you world build? I came across a good blog post on  World Building while searching for how authors create universes in fantasy. If you are a writer this is a good read and full of advice and ideas. Check it out.  I agree with the writer of the blog (Berley’s Top 10 World Building Tips for Sci Fi or Fantasy) that one must develop a thick skin as a writer due to all the critics and rejections we suffer at the hands of readers. Here the writer says it wasn’t until ten years of writing and much practice did he finally learn to be a better writer and world builder.  He touches on the ten most important elements in a world and explains why. Size, history, culture, dominant technology, governments, transportation, magic systems/Sci-Fi technology, religion, currency, and food.  So far in my research Berley’s list is the best I’ve seen. For a writer it’s worth a read and a re-read at that.

One thing that I found most helpful in my world building was a map. Even if it’s a crude one drawn with a pencil, a map was really important for me to keep the feel of the world, size, and direction. Without it I think there would be great risk of inconsistency of time and space. A map helped me move my story along and I was never lost. I always knew where the cities were, the forests, mountains, rivers and deserts. I also could keep track of where everyone was and the distance it would take for a character to travel. All this falls int he size category.

Thanks Berley for your contribution to the world of writing and the advice you shared with all of us. Every little bit help Indie authors hone their craft.

So how do you world build?  I would be interested to know.


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  1. Atekka says:

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  2. Lots of crude map scribbling and research 🙂 I have found watching documentaries about past civilisations and reading old myths and legends useful in creating new worlds/societies with various beliefs/traditions 🙂 Here is my question though, when it comes to submitting your manuscript to agents/publishers, does it pay to invest in a professional drawing of your world? Or do you just hand over your doodles and let the publishers do the work for you once they have accepted your novel? Any ideas?

    • Thanks for the comment. Since I am an Indie Author I control everything I do, and yes, if you don’t know how to create something that looks professional it would be wise to pay someone that does. From everything I’ve read it appears to me that the publishers will, most likely, have their own team create and design covers and the like. Of course that is just my guess.

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