Pennerstories News

Happy Saturday to you, or whatever day it is you find this. These past two weeks have been productive and hectic all at the same time. I performed a rough edit and read through of Dark Moon Shadows and found areas that needed some attention. These areas are being addressed currently…I’m halfway through the re-edit now. My plan will be to give it another edit once I am finished. This is the painful part of writing. I am targeting an April 2nd or May 1st release date, but don’t hold me to that. I will blog about it before hand.
Cover Art for Dark Moon Shadows will begin mid February. I am really excited for it and can hardly wait to see what the artist comes up with.
Things to look forward to: I will convert this WordPress blog to a full website with a hosting provider that will allow me more freedom with how this site is utilized. I will change the look, feel, and design to reflect my Fantasy World I created in Dark Moon Shadows. You can look forward to tabs that will detail characters, creatures, cities, and histories along with sections where I hope to host  Indie author interviews as well as a full functional E-bookstore linked with paypal. I am still debating on how all of this will look and feel, but I aim to have it all completed before the launch of Dark Moon.  Not sure if I will change the name as well. Pennerstories is unique and is easy to remember, but doesn’t have a fantasy “ring” to it. Still debating on that.
I will be looking for reviewers of my e-book soon, so if anyone is interested in a free copy to review, feel free to reach out to me about your interest. I will be sending review requests to many reviewers once the edits are complete, but for those that frequent here, I am extending the offer. Once you are finished reviewing…post a nice comment on amazon and rate it.
Happy Reading everyone.