The first month of 2014 is almost complete and its been a productive one at that. I’ve done more writing this month than the past 12 months all together. I can credit that to having full-time employment. Not worrying about the paycheck certainly gives one quality writing time.

Dark Moon Shadows is nearly finished. If you notice my progress meter the book should house around 110K words. I hope to finish the manuscript in the next week and then begin a line by line proofread before finding someone to do a proof/edit. By the time my edits are complete I should have a cover made. I’ve recently been in contact with an illustrator whose work, I think, looks amazing. Assuming I get the cover and edits complete I will then format my book for upload/sale.

However, before I announce a release date I will be in search of REVIEWERS. This is an approach I’ve read about and would like to give it a chance. When the time nears I will blog/tweet/ and reach out to various author sites in search for Reviewers. For those that are willing, I will give a free copy of my Fantasy Novel for review with hopes that you will in-turn post your thoughts on Amazon.

I will also be launching a new website (powered by WordPress) that will be suitable for e-commerce and other plug-in features that this free blog page cannot support. A new look…A new book.

If you are interested in being a Reviewer…feel free to leave a comment indicating that you are interested and I will be in touch.  As I mentioned before, when the time is closer I will make some noise about it.

For some side notes: I read a post from Dean Wesley Smiths site about a Q&A by Joe Konrath and a CEO from Kensington publishing. If your interested in the business side of traditional publishing and self-publishing its worth a look.





  1. Pete Denton says:

    That is excellent progress. Beating your writing for last year in the first month of 2014 is a tremendous effort. Happy editing 🙂

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