Fantasy Fiction

Attached are a couple of articles on the topic of fantasy fiction. As some of you may guess I write and read fantasy. I simply love it. The main reason is real life and the drama it brings is simply all one can handle at times. Why spend my time watching or reading more real life drama? Fantasy is a great escape for entertainment. The Passive Voice had a great article about fantasy writing rules and why fantasy authors should break them in order to produce better fantasy. As long as the story is entertaining I say “Hey write the story as you see fit.” If it is fantasy, fantasy readers will love it. As long as the story is good. The article talks about the omniscient view of writing. I, personally, prefer that style of writing, and as a reader I love it even better. I like to see the BIG picture instead of one persons point of view all the time. Not to say that first person is not good, I just prefer the overall view. Great article for fantasy fiction readers, I encourage you to check it out.

Another article a read on the subject of fantasy here:  is why fantasy movies these days fail at the box office. This story cannot be more dead on. Fantasy movies for a long time have really “sucked.” Aside from The Lord of the Rings, and most recently The Hobbit there hasn’t been much in the way of good fantasy. Most movies these days are re-makes of fairy tales poorly done. The main reason that I haven’t enjoyed fantasy movies lately is the way they are filmed. Too cartoonish, not real enough to make me feel like I’m in another world outside of my own. Secondly, bad CG (Character Generation). When CG is involved at least make it look real. I don’t want to be watching something and say WOW that looked really fake. At least that is my take on the box office. I can handle a little lesser quality if I know the budget is low. For instance, I just finished watching a really good fantasy series that aired originally in the UK and is also on the Syfy channel called Merlin. I had great fun watching this, and yes it looked fake at times, but because the story was so good and fun I didn’t mind. Although I wish Arthur knew of Merlins secret earlier. I will say the CG of the dragon was really awesome too.

Fantasy is simply that…Fantasy. That is why we love it. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just a fun story. Lots of adventure sprinkled with magic.