Amazon and E-books

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This story has some great interest for me since I write/ self-publish/ read e-books.  Although I am super fond of paper books I have learned and grown to love reading on my e-book device. I have several reading devices in my house: ipad, kindle paper white, nook (1st edition), and my daughter has a kindle fire. All are great gadgets, but by far my favorite to read with is the kindle paper white. I only wish the book covers were in color. Oh-well you can’t get everything you want. I jumped on this e-book revolution years ago and even before the curve thanks to The Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast that turned me on to the subject. No looking back from that time on. Amazon and Apple have been the leaders in the e-book market as most of you may already know, but I am growing ever so irritated at the rising cost of the e-book. As Amazon profit margins soar, I can agree with the article that the next five years will not look anything as the first five. I think, at least for me, the cost of purchasing a paperless book will have a lot to do with it. Apple is even pricier than Amazon. It really is amazing to me how anyone buys e-books through the ibook store. I know Amazon lets self-published authors set their own prices so I am not exactly down on them for that part. Here is just one example: Terry Brooks, whom I read, sells his books for mostly 8$ and higher. Exactly the same as a paperback edition. Hard to justify. Although no disrespect to Terry Brooks, more power to you if you make sales. I think that is great for him, but bad for the consumer. I am a sucker though, I bought his book anyway.

Ipad and Kindle Fire are not great for reading books, in my opinion, because of the glass screen and headache causing glare. But they do look good though…a ton of eye-candy for book covers.

Great article, check it out.



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  1. Pete Denton says:

    Thanks for the link. Interesting article. Shame Amazon don’t admit to all their revenues from the ebook sales. Maybe next year 🙂

    • Thanks Pete.
      Love the pics of snow…however I know you are sick of it already. Living in Southern California we never see much snow unless we take a trip. Regarding your last post. I don’t mind the one-offs. Series are cool too, but one time novels are great entertainment. So I agree with you bud.

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