Pennerstories Update

Hello and greetings…I hope this day finds you all well. This past year (2012) was not a good year for Pennerstories in the way of progress. Dark Moon Shadows (my current writing project) had to be put on hold as well as my blogging and twittering. I do appreciate all of you who dropped by now and again to track my site. The good news for me is it is now 2013 and enough time has passed to solve some issues that stood in the way of my progress. As a result of being absent for many months I have the painful task of re-learning all the technology and tricks I used while writing ebooks, posting, blogging, and updating this wordpress account. There is so much one forgets when not engaged actively in computer stuff. In the coming weeks and months I will be contributing more to this blog and writing will proceed with Dark Moon. The last couple of weeks I re-read all what I have written so far to re-familiarize me with my story and I feel I am caught up enough to continue. I will update my progress meter and that will tell you all where I am with it. I also hope to make some changes to this site as well. Stay tuned for all of that.

Also, you may have noticed that my e-books are not for sale in the book store at the moment. They might be off-sale for some time as I find the time to enhance and improve them. It came to my attention recently of some missed spelling errors in The Magic Library Chronicles that I and some others missed. While it is hard to catch all the errors I do not want a project, or projects out there with known errors. It is my duty to put the best product out there for entertainment and financial value. Because of this I have taken all my short story e-books off-sale for now to make sure they are as best as they can be before getting them back on-line. After all it’s not just about the money is it? If one does not like the story that is one thing, known errors is another.

Work on Dark Moon will begin this week and continue until completed. This is one book that I want to put through the traditional route of publishing and I will push that before making it an e-book.

Thanks for all your support over the years. Happy reading everyone.