Just a little update for all of you who drop by Pennerstories from time to time. Well, as you faithful know, I’ve been without work for some time now and am still pursuing employment opportunities. That is the main reason this blog post has been quiet. The EDD through veteran assistance has paid for re-training classes that I have taken advantage of. Because of this training I am getting interviews again…so I am praying that one of these will get me working again and bring things back to normal.

Dark Moon Shadows has enjoyed some needed time on the shelf holding steady at 60+ thousand words. Because I’ve been reading more while I take this writing break I’ve been encouraged and influenced to re-structure and maybe even start the project over. I will have to think about it seriously. As of now I am satisfied with the way Dark Moon has formed and I am in love with my story line, but I know, deep in-side that I can do better. I want the best of me in that novel. I was greatly encouraged when two friends of mine told me they read my first novel “The Fifth Gospel…” In many ways I am “touched,” and others I am thinking…wow, I know I am a better story teller presently. Thank you to those who have read it…it’s what got me started. I hope to be writing again soon and bringing the many images of story into type and electronic readers everywhere.

Happy reading.

Oh, by the way…I am growing “in love” with Terry Brooks fantasy…wonderful writer.