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I may be a little slow and behind with the times, but I started to read the Game of Thrones series instead of watching it. Am I glad I did! I did something similar with the Lord of the Rings. After watching The Fellowship I decided I wasnt going to see any other of the movies until I read the complete saga. It was completely amazing how Peter Jackson created parts of the other films that felt like deja vu to me. Seeing how the world was to look in the first certainly helped my own imagery as I read the trilogy. I am getting the same feeling as I read through Game of Thrones. So far the read is easy and in short chunks. I am getting a much better feel for all the names and characters from reading than from watching. I heard there might be five seasons to go through the story on film so I figured now was a good time to catch up and then read ahead in order to enjoy the differences between the film and book. It is great fun for my brain. If you haven’t read the series I highly suggest you get the books and do the same.

A side note: Thanks to those who are still dropping by and checking out the site. It small things like that, that keep us writers going.


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  1. Rohit says:

    I did the same thing with LOTR. Hadn’t heard about it in my part of the world…until the Fellowship arrived in the movie halls. Saw it…fell for it…read the whole series after it.
    Seeing the other parts of the movie after reading the book didn’t dim my interest 1 bit since Jackson was so good.

    But somehow I am not experiencing the same with Game of Thrones series. The books are great…but watching the 2nd part of the series isnt the same after reading about it.

    • Thanks for commenting quest4knowledge. I’ve listened to some podcasts about The Game of Thrones where people are saying the same thing you are. That is some of the reason I started to read the books so I can see for myself what those contrasts are. So far in the first book the film and book are side by side. I look forward to seeing the changes. I agree Jackson did such a fine job with LOTR. I am so glad there are some good fantasy films out there right now.

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