Hello everyone in blog and twitter lands. It seems like an eternity since I’ve made my last tweet and even longer since I’ve blogged regularly. I sure do miss it. I hope by the end of the year my life will be back to normal and writing will resume. But for now I’m dealing with the hand that’s been given. I do miss all my virtual friends out there.

With that said I decided to make a number of my short stories free on Since my presence on the net has slowed so have my sales on all my works. I decided since it wont be while before my writing continues why keep my work closed in a vacuum? I selected a number of short story ebooks to share with anyone who wishes. The only catch is you need to find them on Smashwords. I elected to keep their regular sale price at Amazon and B&N. Just search my name Robert Penner on Smashwords or click here and download the stories that are offered for free. I do this because I love writing and sharing my work. I do this in hopes of keeping my writing circulating while I am unable to write for this extended period of time. For those of you who are new here; My Grandparents need full time care to that end I am helping as well as I became unemployed and am searching for work. All this has rendered my writing as secondary. I became officially unemployed in early March, but have been looking actively for work since August. Yup, nine long months of interviews and rejections. Tough market to say the least.

I hope you enjoy my writings and feel free to direct others to my site as well.

Please do me a favor; If you take advantage of the free read, please leave a comment on Smashwords about the story you read.

Thanks again to all you faithful followers.