SciFi and Fantasy television

Call me old fashion, but bare with me as I share with you some thoughts I want to expand on about some of the Scifi and Fantasy I’ve been watching on the big and or small screen. Remember back in the 80’s when almost all R rated movies had “F” bombs dropping all over the place and each movie had to have an explicit sex scene or at least frontal nudity shown? A PG-13 certainly had a boob shot or two. Although that is what drew attention to these films it did not make them better movies. I might add that recently I’ve noticed that, although there is still foul language, many of todays movies are needing less vulgar and sexual nudity to make a better movie. Let me expand: Recently I’ve been watching A Game of Thrones and am waiting for the next season of Merlin and The Walking Dead to resume. All are wonderful and entertaining shows with great writing and a ton of money spent to make the watching experience perfect. I havent read the novels by George R Martin and plan on doing so, but cant help to wonder if all the nudity HBO has inserted is in the novels. Game of Thrones is an awesome series and I have to say that although the nudity is eye candy I think it takes away from the story. The story is just fine without it. The crude language, I can do without, but does fit the story perfectly. You may not agree with me, but shows like Merlin, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis (except for the pilot of SG1), StarTrek’s, and even Once Upon A Time neither have foul language or nudity to make their shows better. Battle Star Galactica walked the line but even still didnt go that far. The Walking Dead is gross but is acceptable for me. All the point I am trying to make is some networks feel they need to add unrealistic sex into stories that really dont add to the plot nor necessarily make the show better. I know some of it is real to life, but subtracts from the viewing experience. I’m just saying that I think HBO blew it on Game of Thrones when it comes to all the unnecessary sex they put in it. Sure sex is a part of life and can fit into movies tastefully, but in this series I think it is too much and doesnt add to the story in any way. Of course that is my opinion only. I try to stay away from the critic side of things in my blogs, but since I am watching fantasy more than writing these days I felt it was something I wanted to share with you all.