Hello all,

It’s been a little while since my last post, because I’ve actually been busy with writing and life. With all that said and out-of-the-way I would like to introduce my new cover for Dark Moon Shadow. It seems like I’ve been talking about this book for a long time…wait! I have. The progress meter shows where I’m at in the writing process. I am currently near 60K words with a goal of 110K. I have made a lot of progress this year and things are moving along nicely. Not as fast as I would like and certainly not as fast as some other writers I frequently blog with, but hey that’s life.

Greg Banks did my The Fifth Gospel Cover back in 2005 and was summoned to work on Dark Moon Shadow. I love his work and his zeal to help the Indie Author. I asked him to create a cover in the same flavor as some of my favorite fantasy authors: Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time”, and Robin Hobb as well as Michael Stackpole “Dragon Crown Wars”. I love the comic book/ cartoon  fantasy feel that are on those covers. Greg “I think” did a fantastic job and I certainly hope my book will live up to the hype of the cover. I believe it will 🙂











Dark Moon Shadow has it all: Sword play, Wizards, Magic, Kings, Elves, Evil vs. Good, Dragons, Magical places, Love, and just about everything you would expect in an epic fantasy. I look forward to finishing the story and bringing it to you all very soon.