Thanks to all of you who stopped by my blog during the last couple weeks while I was away. I and my family was treated to a little winter getaway in the Sequoia forest. The great thing about the trip was that it snowed.  Snow! in winter? are you serious? I heard that this Jan and the early part of February was the driest on record. California has been practiacally snow less for some time this winter. So when I looked at the “snow cam” at the mountain resort all I saw was dirt and a few clump of old snow. By faith we packed our snow gear anyway. Low and behold it snowed! We had a great time.  Now that I am back my personal struggles continue as my search for work is still slow…pretty dry out there regarding the field I work in. But, I digress…I try not to blog about personal issues as I find it a turn off when writer blogs delve too much into their personal lives. I do like it and appreciate the news of writer’s live, but not all the depressing time. So I will spare you here at Pennerstories.

Dark Moon Shadows is coming along nicely. I havent written a word in two weeks, so I look forward to getting things going again. I can hardly wait.  Thanks for all your support out there. Keep checking back for new updates and new blog posts.