Sticks and Stone…Indie Author

I just read a post on Kindle Author by David Wisehart author of Devil’s Lair (a fantastic book) where he interviewed author Lee Goldberg. Although Mr. Goldberg gave good insight about his experience putting up his book on Kindle, the only thing that stood out for me was his disdain for the indie author. To be fair he said not all Indie authors work is bad, but he insinuated that most of all that he has ever downloaded or sampled from Indie authors was pure unintelligent garbage.  He favors the traditional route of publishing over self-publishing and he makes it perfectly clear.  Read the article and see what I mean about the total lack of credit he gives Indie publishing because of poorly edited and terribly structured stories.

Mr. Goldberg has a point to an extent, but that is nothing new when we Indie authors get stereo typed as poor writers. Sure, there is a ton of bad edited work out there, and his point is that buyers, once they get burned by a bad product, will leave the Indie world and in return hurts Indie publishing. OK, point taken. Let’s think about this though; I have sample loaded, downloaded free ebooks, and even purchased some and I have not experienced what Mr. Goldberg says at all. Ebooks by David Wisehart and Steve Montano are excellent works that are Indie (I paid for those). I’ve read great works from Michael Stackpole and Robert Jordan that have had typos within the traditional published paperback. Even the best works have errors. Most patrons that purchase Indie ebooks realize that the books they are buying are not edited by professionals provided by big publishing houses. That is what they are looking for actually. Indie patrons are searching for the hidden story, the adventure of the unknown author and enjoy what we unknowns have to say. They know this and it’s all part of their adventure.  Most of us Indie authors are publishing our work on extremely low budgets and don’t have all the backing for a well-edited piece of work. True, there are those that don’t take special care before they self-publish and it does hurt the rest of us, but to throw us all into a criticism that is so defaming it is egregious at best. Sorry Mr. Goldberg, but it seems to me that there is a little “hater” in you when it come to Indie publishing, and I happen to applaud a commenter who said “stick to your writing instead of criticizing us.”

Mr. Goldberg is entitled to his opinion, but he is influencing potential buyers and steering them away from testing the Indie market by scaring them. Now that is unfair to all of us Indie authors/self publishers.

Take heart Indie authors/publishers and keep up the hard work, put out quality material, and keep writing so the adventurous Indie patrons have a great product that will give them a fantastic fantasy ride as they read.