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Progress in writing is always a matter of feeling instead of fact when I analyse my performance. This past week I finished chapter six, nine, and started ten. At the time of this post chapter ten is giving me fits and my mind is just too exhausted to move on, and I needed to shelve it.  Chapters Six, Nine and Ten involve Imke’s travels and capture. These chapters are critical in her character development. I think I have handled the development part well, but the creative descriptions of Unyar (the city in which she is captured) is taxing on my brain today. Sometimes one needs to set things aside and let the mind regroup. That is what I choose to do today.

I read a great post attached to Mike Stackpoles tweet with a wealth of information for self publishers and writers in general. Scroll down and check out all the web links…great stuff David H. Burton. I assume many other self published author/writers couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the help of people like Stackpole and Burton sharing what they know. Thanks guys!

I hope you enjoy the information provided, I try to pass on anything I find helpful to me and my writing. As always…please take a visit in my online store and support my work. I have a variety of short stories for you to enjoy and a Christian adventure if that suits your taste. Thanks again.