Technology and Writing

Technology and writing go hand in hand these days, unless you are an old school writer who still hammers keys to ribbon on an archaic device called a typewriter. Remember those? I remember lugging one that felt like a hundred pounds to school for typing class. I hated that! For me specifically the advance of modern technology has not only enhanced my writing desires, but made it possible to actually realize my dreams of producing and sharing my stories. Of course with such a great wealth of technology at our disposal along with it comes a host of irritancies. Some of us mid level computer users, especially me, become a casualty to software programs and all the hidden settings that take what seems like a lifetime to understand and learn. Especially Word in Windows7 that changes the words I type into what it thinks I wanted to type. I can finish pulling out what hair I have left now! Having a friend who knows how to work these geekish things is priceless. Searches on YouTube and the Net help too. If you don’t have one of those geeks to help it would be advisable for you to find one (smile).

For me, being grammatically and spelling challenged, the advancement of technology has jettisoned my writing tremendously. The ability to look up a word on my Ipad for proper spelling and definition allows me to write fluently without having to thumb through a dictionary. The magic of type inside writing software saves me from my atrocious hand writing that, in the past, actually kept me from writing. During my fantasy flurry of research I am forever grateful for the ability to have a vault of information just a mouse click away.

Take a moment and think about, or remember if you are from an older era, how technology has enhanced or made your writing better or worse. I say, “A million times better.”

Lastly, through all the pains in my back, and the hours of research I’ve been able to turn my writing fiction into e-book reality. Without the aide of modern technology none of that would be possible.

Technology and writing, two things, forever go hand in hand.