Why do you write?

Why do you write? Why do I write? That is a question every writer must ask him/herself at some point in their writing career. Even if it is not a career for you or me, I think it is an important question that deserves an answer. Why we do this can help form how we go about our business and ultimately determine our credibility as writers. So take a moment and give an honest answer as to why you do. Here is why I do. (This is the start of looking into my brain and personality blog) A lot of us have a story to tell, and I am no different. For years my imagination ran wild, movies playing in my head as a child never stopping through adulthood. I dabbled in poetry for a time, many are posted here on this blog site, and that solved some of my creative drive, but telling a story is what I wanted to do. For years and years my fear of grammar and spelling woes, along with atrocious hand writing kept me from actually putting story to page. As the world changed and the personal computer became affordable aided with easy access to writing advice on the net there was nothing to hold me back from getting my stories out. That drive is not enough though. For me, I don’t want to write a story and then put it in a drawer, or on a disc that just sits with a pile of other discs. NO WAY! I want people to enjoy my imagination (Feed my story ego if you will). I want my creations to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It makes me happy. Making money at it would be nice and a great reward, but if that never happens the fact that people enjoy my worlds is good enough. But, let’s not get too crazy here; making money at our craft is one reason we do this and that should not be ignored. What writer doesn’t dream about earning his/her living at writing. After all that is a great measure of success and skill. However, if making money is the only drive for you and why you write I think your writing will suffer some. The readers will figure that out and will not want to be a pawn on your chess board. Passion and content is what the readers want and hopefully what satisfies our writing desire. My story dominates my thoughts most of the day and when I get a chance to put type to page I get excited and as the movie plays in  my mind I am entertained. It’s almost like I popped in a DVD and pressed play. You can’t get much better than that. When I wrote The Fifth Gospel (Deception Rising) it all started with a movie that played in my mind about my faith and was inspired by how I answered a question of “What if?” As I finished my first novel the ebook revolution started up and took off allowing me to realize my dream on my own without the hardship of traditional publishing. Although I still dream of being published traditionally. Then followed my short stories, and I haven’t looked back. The only greater high is when someone reads your creation and ends up with a smile on their face. That is why I write, why do you?