Writing Resumes

Stay tuned to the progress meter for Dark Moon Shadows! I’ve begun to write again after a few weeks of stoppage due to personal issues and Christmas. The boys are in the city of Harkton in search of much-needed rest from their long journey. With the help of some insiders the boys will get some much-needed help in their quest to seek help from a long-lost ally.

I am excited to pick up the actual writing again. I am just over 22% finished from my target goal. When all is done, I hope to have a rough draft of some 40 chapters and around 114K words. This might be unconventional to have targeted writing goals like this, but my story outline and arc predicts this. As most writers know ones the mind and fingers meld the story often takes a path of its own. So that is where the excitement develops.

If you would like a taste of my writing style. Feel free to read my free Christmas short stories, or purchase some of my works in the book store tab. Thanks for all your support.