Christmas Eve is finally here. This, to me, has felt like the longest Christmas season. Most likely because the Christmas music and commercials started after Halloween and skipped over Thanksgiving this year.  The earliest I can remember. So, today is Christmas Eve. For those of you who celebrate Christmas the way I do then I am talking to you. For those of you who don’t and celebrate something else, or nothing else, then I am glad to have you along.

Christmas has many meanings to me, but this year it is more about renewal. This year, more than most, I am focused on the actual birth of Christ and the hope that came with the very act. You might say, of course, the birth of Christ is always celebrated on Christmas. I would beg to differ. The other night I went walking a neighborhood that is known for its communal light display. There were a hundred or so people enjoying the decorations and the Christmas set-ups. Although the lights were pretty, only one home had a  Christian display depicting the birth of Christ. All the others were comprised of Santa, Elves, Snoopy and the gang, etc. As a Christian, I admit that there are Christmas seasons where my focus is on Christ, but barely the way I think it is meant to be.  I think this year is a little different because of all the hardship that is swarming about. Losing a job, taking care of the elderly, saying goodbye to some of those elderly, seeing and realizing our mortality through all of it has a funny way of shaping that focus. We all need hope, and Christ symbolizes the greatest of all hope. Hope against all odds. I am grateful and glad for that simple hope of redemption.

Although, I like to keep this posting site mostly about my writing and the progress of it, I want to share my best Christmas wishes to all of you and a happy New Year coming 2012.