Pennerstories News

Hello all. I hope you are having a great week as time storms on into Christmas. After much put off from writing these past weeks due to my job search and other pressing matters I was able to finish a much-needed outline for Dark Moon Shadows. I currently have a little over 21k words into the novel so far, just feeling and writing, with no outline. I have a solid idea on how and where the story will go, but my mind could not pass the hurdle of detailing it out within an outline. Thankfully, I just took some time and did it. I am real pleased with what I was able to do and now have a clearer vision of the plots this story will unfold.  Through that process I also found areas that needed more time on and small bits and pieces that need fixing. Thanks to a trusty outline.

Sales are picking up a little, and I want to thank everyone who purchases my ebooks. I thank you for giving my stories a chance and truly hope they will be a good read for you.

For all of you who are celebrating a holiday…Merry Christmas.