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This week I want to spotlight my collection of paranormal short stories. These stories are fashioned in a twilight zone flavor, at least two of them are. The other is a ghost story. I packaged these three e-shorts in one, or you can get them individually. Whatever you prefer. There is some humor, some surprise, and of course some shock. If you want some quick entertainment with a paranormal twist this is for you. Just visit my bookstore for your e-reader link.










Work on Dark Moon Shadows continues with the world in the grip of tyranny. Characters are growing and working their way through the shock of their world being taken over. They have the power within them to change things, but finding this out and following the clues is half the fun. So far, so good on the enjoyment factor. The only problem is I haven’t been able to write as fast and as often as I would like. Stay tuned for more updates.