This week I am featuring my e-short Jeremy Swatt and the Feline Travelemtus. This  is my young adult short story about a clever time traveling cat who pesters a wayward teen into dealing with personal family issues.  No better way to learn a lesson in life than from a crazy feline I always say.

Another week has passed and progress on Dark Moon Shadows is still very slow, due to all my life issues and appointments.  Rest assure the story still looms in my mind every day. In the mean time I’ve continue to read the second book in the Eye of the World series The Great Hunt. So far this book is exceeding expectations and moving along quickly. I find myself wanting to read this book during lunch breaks not just before bed. If you enjoy epic fantasy I cannot recommend a better series. Robert Jordan was a great writer. Someone should make his books into a movie…seriously. I would love to see his story on film.

I really hope to get back to writing soon. At the very least another week of appointments and interview before I can start it up again. Stay tuned for information.

Happy Reading everyone.