Pennerstories News

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since my last news update, but I am back at it. Yay for me! Well sort of…let me explain. I have a ruptured disc at my L5-S1 and its put me out big time. Although I can walk fine, getting up out of bed and from chairs is painful. Early in the morning the pain is tolerable, but as the day goes on it gets miserable. Also, to add to that the last time I checked I am still losing my job at the end of December.  So personal news on my front is quite depressing…but on to other things. (grin).

Dark Moon Shadows is still in the works, but only in my head. All the doc appointments and such have put the actual writing on delay. I skimmed over what I have written so far earlier today and am pleased with how the story is progressing and I can’t wait to add to the adventure.

On the movie front, I just finished watching The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and let me just say that that was not his best movie. Although his acting was great it was the writing that blew it for me. I felt like the goal of the writer was to force a religious view upon the masses. If you didn’t catch it, this is what I took out of it:

All religious views are the same we just don’t know it. Our God is the same we just use different names. Now I know there are those that hold that view and that is fine with me. But, for us out there that believe in our faith system cannot and do not see it that way. The message of free will bugged me too. We don’t have it, but yet we do if we buck the system hard enough…made no sense to me. So for me to sit through a movie with underlying ideas that say otherwise…made it hard for me to enjoy. One positive thing to say about the film is at least it’s original. Hollywood is having a hard time with original ideas in case you haven’t noticed.

The worst part for me on this subject is a movie disguised as a thriller but is really propaganda. Propaganda is ok as long as you know it going in right? If I know the book or movie is of a religious nature I have no problem watching or reading it; As a matter of fact I enjoy it…even ones that I don’t agree with philosophically. Just don’t hide it. Enough on that topic.

Have a great weekend everyone.