Pennerstories Weekend Update

Welcome to another weekend post for Pennerstories and goings on with me.  Dark Moon Shadows is moving along nicely. I am now over 16K words and into the  6th chapter. I am really pleased with how the story is progressing. I do wish, however, that I was spending a little more time writing than job hunting. Good news is there are a couple of things possibly on the table, but still outside shots for me. So the job hunt still continues. Luckily for me I still have a job until December so that keeps the stress level down.

On a side note I have a little rant about Netflix. As you may have heard already, Netflix has screwed things up for me big time! After they ripped me off with the DVD rental I cancelled that portion and went streaming only. I love the streaming even if the selections and new material could be better and more frequent. Now Starz is leaving Netflix and jumping over to Blockbuster at the end of Feb. 2012. Well that sucks! A lot of the new movies and freshness comes from Starz. I sure hope Netflix gets their heads out of their *&ses and partner up with a similar company like Starz to keep my interest. Not very happy with them right now.

Enough of that:

Michael Stackpole at has a couple of free chapters up on his new fiction. Interesting reads, worth a look my friends.

As always keep checking back for Dark Moon Shadow updates and feel free to purchase any of my short stories in the book store.

Happy Reading everyone.