Welcome to the Friday post for Pennerstories.  This past week I will log as a somewhat productive week in my world of writing.  Since the news that I will be laid off at the end of December I’ve been busy looking for new employment as you might imagine, and that has taken a chunk out of my writing time. Midst life’s challenges there always seems to be something that can cut into that precious writing time and knock you off schedule. As it is with most people, I am no different. My job search is grueling and depressing all rolled into one baked humble pie. Man do I have more compassion for those without a job than ever before…duh, since I will be them…soon. As I try not to let that happen I realize that there is nothing I can do but try, and pray. Anyway…enough of that!

Dark Moon Shadows is still running, although slowed a bit as explained above, strong. Timson and Ronin battled well, and Imke has separated and on her own journey. The Black Wizard is up to no good and will stop at nothing to destroy all the other wizards of the old council. Timson and Ronin will play a big part in allowing his success or defeat. I am enjoying the movie in my minds eye as I write this novel. It is unlike anything I have ever written, but everything I have loved to watch and read. Great fun it is.

The Angels baseball club did me no favors this past week when it comes to rooting for a horse in the playoffs. I am sad about their demise although I did expect it since they have displayed no consistency in offense all year. Hard to compete against the big boys with no offense.

Lastly, I’m usually not one to read graphic novels although I do enjoy comics such as Garfield and Star Wars.  Since I have been reading Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World series I came across graphic novels of New Spring and Eye of the World Vol. 1. So far these are the only ones done for the series and I highly recommend them. They are wonderful works of art and sum up the novels perfectly. If you are interested in checking them out take a trip to: and have a look. These were given to me as a birthday gift and I have to say well done. Thanks to my lovely wife and daughter for that.